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Market research and questionnaires at Translation Company UK


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It’s no secret that the success of any marketing campaign relies heavily on good quality market research. This is especially true when doing business in a foreign market.
If your company uses questionnaires as part of its market research and would like them translated for use abroad, it is essential that the translations are done accurately.

A skilfully designed questionnaire translated by an unqualified or inexperienced translator can quite easily provide your company with inaccurate and misleading, even corrupt, information about a foreign market.

Through our team of localised adaptation specialists, we offer our clients a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge which guarantees that, whatever the subject, each questionnaire we translate will be as powerful a market research tool as the original.


Adaptation is the process of translating our clients’ existing marketing copy or advertising slogans into another language whilst making them relevant to the target market and its culture and maintaining as much of the creative verve of the original as possible.
Although much less expensive, this is no substitute for professional copywriting, and in some cases, we would recommend that you treat the translation as a draft to be polished by a copywriter in their own language. We can even help you to find a suitable copywriter.

These days an increasing number of companies market their products and services internationally using a wide variety of languages. But competing effectively in foreign territories is tough even for the most internationally focused of companies.
So in 1998, we created a specialist division of our company called TransCheck which provides a number of unique language services to help our clients market their products more successfully around the world.

The most popular of these are:

Brand name checks and linguistic research


Questionnaires and market research

Brand name checks

Any company marketing a product or service in aTranslation Company UK foreign country has to be absolutely sure that the brand name they use will be understood and have a positive image in the language and culture of that country.

The consequences of using a brand name which has negative or even ridiculous connotations can be disastrous. (See some examples here)

Through our expertise and strategic resources, we can help our clients evaluate suitable brand names for virtually any international market by providing either quick or more comprehensive brand name checks in as many languages as necessary.

How brand name checks work
Usually our clients provide us with a list of brand names they would like us to check, along with a list of different languages in which they would like us to do the checks.

We then pass this list on to our network of international TransCheckers – language experts whose responsibility it is to make absolutely sure that the semantics, cultural connotations and potentially negative images of each brand name we’re Bubble Translationsed to check are thoroughly evaluated.

For any given brand name check, we usually use TransCheckers based in the country in which our clients’ brand name is to be marketed and they of course will be native speakers of that country’s language.

For a quick brand name check we normally use just one TransChecker per language specified. For the more comprehensive checks, we recommend using a minimum of three different TransCheckers per language.

A typical brand name check takes 2-3 days depending on the number of languages and the number of speakers per language needed, but same-day turnaround is possible given plenty of advance notice.

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