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The yellow vest movement in France, which has been active for more than two months, continues to shine a light on taxes, the banking system and bureaucrats of the region. A group of Gilets Jaunes, who worked at the bill printing plant, explained that they would be burning pallets full of bills and starting with Israeli banknotes.


Yellow Vests Take Stock of Foreign Bills for Shelter Humanity


France’s grassroots yellow vest movement has been making headlines around the world, protesting against the country’s political system and monetary system. On Tuesday, February 5, approximately 18,000 Gilets Jaunes marched in Paris side-by-side with 12,000 CGT union members. A demonstration that featured employees of the Banque de France banknote factory was also held on Friday. This protest followed. Assocated yellow vests threatened to torch large amounts of banknotes made from paper. French correspondent for explained how bill burners demand fiscal and social justice in an unusual way.


The Yellow Vest Movement Launches a New Form Of Protest — Burning Banknotes


The banknote burning group posted a video on Facebook explaining that they have burned passport paper and bank check papers, as well as grey card paper to make vehicle documents. “But the French government has gone completely blind, so we go to the next level. If they continue to pretend that nothing is wrong is happening, then we will let the whole world know.

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