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Best Ways To Frame A Diamond Painting

Completing your diamond painting is something to boast about, and what better way to boast of your skill and creativity than to frame your beautiful diamond painting and hang it up in your home or office to be admired by all?

Even if you cannot make this amazing work of art a part of your home because you plan to gift or sell it, it is still wise to frame it. Framing your diamond painting helps keep it safe, protect it, and adds an edge of beauty to your already stunning painting.

If you are just about to start a painting project or wonder what to do with finished diamond painting, this article will show you the best ways to frame a diamond art painting.

how to prepare a diamond painting for framing

Sample your options

Deciding to frame your diamond painting is just one step towards having your amazing masterpiece on display. The next thing to do is decide what kind of framing you want for your diamond painting.

You can choose to frame diamond painting on canvas, get the traditional frame from an art store, use stretcher bars, or a dimensional style frame.

Frame Your Diamond Painting With Stretcher Bars with Diamond Dotz

In case you are wondering what stretcher bars are, they are wooden frames used to Frame diamond painting on canvas and are perfect for paintings of all sizes and shapes.

As the name implies, stretcher bars require you to stretch your diamond painting on the wooden stretcher piece fully, hold it in place, and hang up easily. Stretchers mostly come in a rectangular shape, but you can also request for them in different shapes.

Frame Your Diamond Painting With Stretcher Bars

Here is how to set it up:
You would need a pen or marker, the stretcher bars, your finished diamond painting, and a pair of scissors

Measure your painting and mark the wood

Measure your diamond painting and get stretcher bars that are a little smaller than your canvas.

Use your pen to mark the position of the wood on your diamond painting

Cut out excesses from your canvas using the pair of scissors

Fix the Stretcher Bars
Wrap your finished diamond painting canvas around the stretcher bars and hold it in place using U nails or a staple gum.

Hang it up
Attach a nail or whatever you need to attach the frame to the wall. You are free to hang it anywhere you choose

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