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……but not really in the swing of things yet. What I wouldn’t give for a few hands like that one.
Poker’s been real hard lately. I just can’t seem to get in any kind of groove since Okie-Vegas. I’ve tried my usual wm, the Limit tables, as well as a few shots at MTT’s and just cannot seem to find any rhythm whatsoever. It has really seemed like work lately and that does not translate to good results.
I bombed out of the blogger freeroll yesterday in 386th place after a cold decking of epic proportions. I started out trying to loosen up my starting hand selection and it showed, as I plummeted down to around 1200 chips right off the bat. I was able to pick and choose a few spots to add chips and ended up all-in with top pair and the nut flush draw. The pre-flop raiser folded and I found myself at around 3K in chips at the first break. Then the cold decking began….
…..and it continued until I finally went out with 2-3 clubs and two clubs on the flop. I pushed my remaining 450 chips in praying for the 3rd club that never came. The cold deck was a shame too, because the table was very ripe for the picking. If I could have just picked up a few hands here and there, I know I could have made a much deeper run, but, that’s how it goes.
I’m going to try and qualify myself for tonight’s Hoyazo tournament, but I need to win a SNG or two first. These will be my own personal “qualifiers” and if I have a bit of success early, I will be joining the Monday Night Home Game, as well. I finally won myself a $26 token over at Full Tilt on Friday night. After idiotically buying my way into a $24 + 2 in order to join TripJax, Jordan and Katitude, I joined Kat for another $6 + .60 and was able to outlast the field and win a token. Anybody that has some tokens and feels like a game, let me know and I will be happy to join you.
***One addendum to yesterdays post, the DADI 7 tournament will be No Limit Hold Em.***
That’s all I got for today, now go read somebody worthwhile in the links to the right. If you can’t find something of interest over there, there is something wrong.
….and seeing some better results. Well, other than running my 10-10 into Kat’s A-A in the Hoyazo last night at a most inopportune time. What are you gonna do? I felt like she would lay down a less than stellar hand there to my Hoyazo, but when you’re holding pocket rockets, well, I don’t see me folding my 10’s there, no how, no way. Well played and just a bit of bad luck on my part. I went out 9th I think, first one gone from the final table, although the play was final-table tough throughout the tournament. I got lucky and flopped a straight on SirFWalgman fairly early and chipped up nicely and basically folded and stole my way to the final table. I didn’t stay up to see who won it, but the final table was a who’s who of poker bloggers.
My own little “qualifiers” for the Hoyazo went well last night. As you know, a $20 + 2 tournament is on the outer reaches of my comfortable buy-in levels and I decided last night that I would grind away at the $5 SNG’s in hopes of providing myself the buy-in beforehand. I played three SNG’s and won two of them, so I came out ahead even though I didn’t make the money in the home game. I spent a total of $38.50 (including the Hoyazo) and cashed out a whopping $45.00. That’s a grand total of $7.50 in pure profit baby! Woot! It sure seems like a wee bit of profit for about 5 hours of grinding, but this guy will take it at this point.

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