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Wan Doy Slot Malaysia


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Wan Doy Pairs Slot Malaysia – a new Wagerworks poker game with a sting in the tail >> Wan Doy Poker is a new casino game introduced by Software and as far as I am concerned played like a fruit machine. Auto hold, auto play and a wan doy playing strategy of holding all the pairs does not seem to me to be much different to a fruit machine found down by the seaside in an amusements arcade.
I figured the best thing to do was to find a report on the wan doy poker pairs game, but there is none, so I approached the boss of 100% and asked him to go over Wan Doy Poker and review this “new casino game” that seemed so dull to me.
2006 World Cup Gambling – World Cup Betting Odds
2006 World Cup finals run from 9 June to 9 July 2006. Who do you think will lift the World Cup in 2006?
The World Cup Finals are always highly gambled on. This time around I think the world cup gambling and betting takings will be bigger than ever. Special 2006 world cup betting odds markets will be available nearer the start date of June 9 2006.
Outright 2006 World Cup Winners Market
Picking the winner of the World cup will be hard work. Getting the best odds in the betting is imperative, especially for hedging purposes nearer the quarter finals and semi finals, so be sure to compare the odds in the World Cup 2006 Betting Odds Comparison Box >> see below.
Double Odds On English Players
Double joy on English goals Promotion from
Champions League Final – Double Odds On English Promo
This Wednesday sees the highlight of the European domestic football calendar when Liverpool takes on AC Milan in the Champions League final.
AC Milan are hot favourites to win back the trophy that they last lifted in 2003. Rafa Benitez’ men have defied all odds on their way to Istanbul and were only minutes from elimination in the group s tages, before a late Steven Gerrard strike.
To celebrate Liverpool reaching the final we will be doubling the odds on the first goalscorer if he is English.
An example >> Bet on Steven Gerrard to score the first goal at 12/1 and if he does we will pay out at 24/1
Other odds for the champs final match include >>
11/10 AC Milan – 2/1 Draw – 27/10 Liverpool.
33/1 AC Milan to be winning at half-time/ Liverpool to win full-time.
Illegal USA Online Gambling Takes Horsracing Profits
Illegal online gambling cuts into Turf business >> It’s illegal and not everybody knows that.
Turf Paradise General Manager Randy Fozzard said.
Not even everybody in Fozzard’s family knows it.
‘My son is a student at the University of Arizona,’ Fozzard said. ‘He’s telling me about playing poker on an online site.
‘I told him: ‘Hey, don’t you know that’s illegal.’
‘He said: ‘You’re kidding me.
Gamblog comment >> Nope, not kidding atall. Gambling online is still illegal in the USA heh. Yes, this is the country that brings you Vegas, the gambling razzmatazz capital of the world.
Coinslot – The Gala Club on Brigg Road, Scunthorpe has launched Bingo Wizard, the first ever electronic bingo game terminal >> which means the end of the paper bingo ticket cards and paper ticket books as we know it. I think my grandma in law will just not be amused with the high tech leap coming to a bingo hall near her soon.
The Fruity Arcade – How the machine pays out the coins >> Is an article written by the The Fruity Arcade Blog editor, explaining the inner workings of a fruit machine hopper, the mechanism that is used to payout the coins in UK fruit machines.

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