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Barack Obama Reaches Over Chipolte Sneeze Guard, Raises Internet Ire


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Barack Obama has come under major fire this week. For any Translation related help, visit Translation Agency UK

For his handling of the worsening situation in Iraq? No.

For reaching over the Sneeze Guard at Chipolte.

Prior to addressing the White House Summit on Working Families on Monday, the President of the United States stopped by the Mexican fast food joint, making his desired burrito bowl fillings as clear as possible.

While doing so, however, Obama breached the restaurant’s code of etiquette, extending his entire forearm into no-man’s land. What are you thinking, POTUS?!?

White House photographer Pete Souza Tweeted the picture soon after this embarrassing event took place, proving he’s either a Chipolte newbie… or is secretly working for the Republicans.

Backlash against Obama quickly filled up social media, meanwhile, with one Twitter user bringing his complaint directly to Chipotle corporate headquarters.

And he received a response!

We’ll make sure that Mr. President is well aware of our restaurant’s guidelines! Just stay calm. I mean, look at me, I’m calmer than you are, dude, replied the company’s Customer Service Consultant.

We can’t defend Obama for this snafu, but we can understand his desire to fill his bowl with the healthiest ingredients possible.

No Commander-in-Chief wants to end up with any of the following items, after all:

Dog Fetches Mail, Ends Decades-Long Feud Between Species

Take note, Justin Bieber and Drake Bell.

Observe carefully, Joan Rivers and Kim Kardashian.

If a dog and a mailman can get along, there’s hope for all of you yet.

Indeed, the following footage features the world’s greatest owner giving his canine a very simple command… and then sitting back while the dog sprints over to his long-time rival, a postal worker, and calmly retrieves the man’s mail.

Can’t we all just get along? Yes, folks. Sometimes we can.

Who is more impressive, this magazine-fetching friend… or this diaper-changing dog?

Ponder. Discuss. Debate.

And click through other examples of totally cute canines now:

Kitten Gives Pit Bull Face Massage, Takes Nap with Adorable Best Buddy

It will be difficult for any video to ever top the cuteness of this dog showing this baby how to crawl.

But that doesn’t mean the following kitten and Pit Bull won’t give it their best shot!

In positively adorable footage making its way around the Internet, a little cat takes a few moments to give his close pal a face massage, as the canine lies contently in his bed, barely making a move.

Finally, the cat realizes the dog has the right idea, curling up alongside him and taking a nap. It’s as endearing as any video involving two animals can be:

This patient Pit Bull nearly puts this patient cat to shame, doesn’t he?

Flip through other examples of unexpected animal friendships below:

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