how to kill two spotted spider mites organically

What Are The Reasons To Get Rid Of Spider Mites As Soon As We Can?


If we talk about the most common house plant pests, then spider mites are one of them. Plants can easily attract them, and it is not that easy to get rid of them. It is a reason we need to learn the ways of how to kill two spotted spider mites organically so that we can keep our weed healthy.

Two-spotted spider mites are the ones that can cause a lot of damage to the plant and make it a bad place for the other fellow plants too. Here are some reasons that make people want to eradicate these pests as soon as they can,

  1. Webbing: They have known spider mites, so yes, it goes without saying that they spin webs on the plant. Their webs can be fine and sticky. It is not something that depicts the healthiness of the plant. These pests spin a web to keep their eggs and colonies safe from getting damaged, damaging the plant and buds.
  2. It curbs photosynthesis: Spider mites feed on chlorophyll of the plant. It is the green pigment that gives color to the plant and its leaves. We don’t want the plant to suffer from discoloration. They suck the pigment directly from the plant cell, and it stops the process of photosynthesis.
  3. Slows the growth of plant: When there will be no photosynthesis process, it will cause a curb in the growth of the plant. If the plant will not get the nutrition that it needs, how is it supposed to grow? There will be no buds growth, and slowly the plant will start drooping down to the earth. It shows the sign of unhealthiness and doesn’t give it the sturdiness it needs.
  4. They get immune to treatment: As we already said that it is better to get rid of them as soon as the person can. The reason is, they start to act like zombies of the pests because nothing can kill them, and they get immune to it. If the plant is getting the dose of a chemical or any home remedies daily, and they are still not getting finished, it means they are immune to it.

All these things are the sign of unhealthiness, and it gives the plant a lot of damage. Not just the only plant, but all other plants that are with it will suffer the problem, and those plants will cease to die after that.

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