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Welcome to Dorset.


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  • The Bottle Inn started life as an Ale House being close to the church where people came to pay their Tithes – softening the blow with a mug or two of grog. We don’t know its name then but it was christened The Bottle Inn sometime late in the 18th Century when it became the first Inn in the area to sell bottled beers.
  • During its time it has housed the village shop and during the 2nd World War, the Village School.
  • By a strange set of coincidences and happenings, Shane Pym took on the Bottle Inn in early April 1997, he had a very different background.
  • Shane Pym – Born & Bred a Dorset lad, with a history of farming and running the family haulage business with his brother. He decided to quit the haulage game when BSE raised its ugly head, and worked for a time in Central Africa doing emergency Aid work during the Rwandan Crisis, driving lorries anywhere – an unlikely candidate for a Publican but that’s how it turned out!

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