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We are now offering free one-on-one lessons about Binance Discount


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To make an appointment or request further information please submit the following form.


Get a free phone consultation to learn about Binance Discount. Use the contact form to submit your information and telephone number so I can contact you and discuss your individual situation and go through questions you might have.


Please have a look at the FAQ’s section as well for more details.


I offer the following services:


  1. Coaching in my Manhattan office


  1. Full time Internet coaching


  1. Coaching at your own home


  1. Part time Internet or phone sessions


  1. Choose your own…




  1. Coaching in my Manhattan office


The most intense form of training. Sit down with me and learn practical trading live throughout the market day. You will learn how to use various strategies and what to look for during the day. And of course how to prepare in premarket and aftermarket.

Besides this very important practical part you will learn about all the tools you need as a trader. It does not matter if we start with the basics or you already come with this knowledge and we go right to more advanced things. My goal is to provide you with a comprehensive overview and a detailed insight into the trading business.


I will take a look at your individual situation and fill in all the necessary knowledge you need and work with you to maximize your performance. My services is geared to all sorts of traders whether beginner or pro.

Price:  900$/day or 3900$ per week





  1. Full time Internet coaching


Same as above except taking place over the Internet by connecting via MS Netmeeting.

Net Meeting allows you to see my desktop on your own computer screen and watch all I am doing in realtime. You will also be able to chat and talk with me, almost as if you would be sitting next to me.

Price:  800$/day or 3500$ per week





  1. Coaching at your home


If you don’t have the chance to see me in person it is possible that I come to you.  I love travel. So basically it doesn’t matter where in the world you live.

Price: contact me for an offer





  1. Part time Internet or phone sessions


The perfect offer if you just need help regarding certain issues like developing a trading plan or working on your individual mental situation to help you strengthen confidence an build up success

Price: 95$/hour





  1. Choose your own…


Do you want an individual offer? Just let me know.

The basics:


These are only some of the basic topics we will discuss during the coaching:


How to read charts about Binance Discount

Specific candlestick patterns

Chart patterns (breakouts, reversals etc.)

Advanced technical indicators like fib retracements, stochastics, RSI…

Complete order routing introduction

Introduction to different trading- and chart platforms

Find out about the pros and cons to various brokers

How to read and interpret level2

Spotting support and resistance

When to trade and when not

How to trade when beginning

Where to place stops

Important mental aspects in trading

How to keep a positive state of mind

Developing a learning plan

How to scan and screen stocks

Premarket preparation

How to trade momentum stocks

I will also assist you with setting up a trading computer

The site is developing…please contact me for more details or check back later…

Click here to see a more complete coaching outline.


Continuing support:


For all of my clients I offer continuing support. So if you have questions after you completed a coaching about Binance Discount, I will be more than happy to assist you with any further questions via phone or mail. You will also be able to log into my chatroom to get support and trading tips!

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