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togel Poker News Tidbits – May 29, 2010


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With the World Series of Poker getting underway, many of the game’s biggest sites have battened down the hatches. Which means, unfortunately for this blogger, there aren’t a ton of big name stories to talk about at length!

But fear not. Here at FlopTurnRiver, we like quick cashes just as much (if not more) than grinding sessions. So here, without further ado, are some quick tidbits from around the Poker Universe.

GSN Launches Aussie Millions Coverage and More

Thanks to a sponsorship from togel .Net, GSN will begin airing a televised presentation of the 2010 Aussie Millions poker tournament. Episodes kick off on June 5 at 9:00 EST, bringing you all the action from the land down under. Thanks in large part to the popularity of High Stakes Poker (which is slated for a move to Saturday Nights), GSN is also set to host another pair of poker programs, Full Tilt’s Double’s Poker Championship (starting August 14, 9 PM EST) and the Million Dollar Championship (debuting on June 5, 11 PM EST).

Lacey Jones is Absolutely Done

On the eve of the 2010 WSOP in Vegas, renowned pro and announcer Lacey Jones has decided to part ways with Absolute Poker. While no reason has been provided, a spokesman from the Cereus Poker Network stated that the parting was an amicable one. No word as of yet if this has anything to do with the recent heat brought down on UB and their security holes.

Hall of Fame Lowers Standards

The Poker Hall of Fame has lowered the criteria for induction. Rather than requiring prospective candidates to receive 75% voting approval, a tally of just over 50% will now land you a seat in the game’s Holy-of-Holy’s. The Voting committee reserves the right to strike a name from the ballot, if the public nominates an unqualified player.

Harrah’s CEO Takes Pay Cut

You all know Gary Loveman, the jovial-looking fellow from the problem-gambling commercials. He also happens to be the CEO of Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. and makes a lot more money than you or I do. Or at least, he used to. After making an astounding $39.6 million in 2008, the top dog agreed to take a substantial pay cut. Rather than receiving nearly $40M, the CEO cut his wages to $5.97 million in 2009. This comes largely as a result of the waived stock options.

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