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Texas Hold’em is reaching outer limits on the internet – Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang


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Texas Hold’em is the Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang hottest game in town these days. Millions watch the pros on cable TV, tournaments are held daily in casinos nationwide, Internet poker rooms offer seamless action and neighborhood games are springing up everywhere.


Each Sunday this summer, Senior Correspondent Richard T. Pienciak will provide Daily News readers with a special report about the wildly popular world of Texas Hold’em and other exotic gambling specialties. He’ll talk to the pros and the amateurs and he’ll take part in the action himself, playing in casino poker rooms across the country and on the Internet.


Pienciak’s Poker Tour (PPT) is a Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang journey every gamblin’ Daily News reader can only dream of taking.


Competing in No Limit Texas Hold’em online with play money is like being surrounded by a bunch of muggers, only to have them pummel you with dainty pillows.


Crazy behavior often reigns. Players bet phenomenal amounts of “money” without consequence because, well, there are no consequences. It seems as if many of these freeloaders have no idea when to bet and when to git.


For the past month, in preparation for the start of my poker series – Pienciak’s Poker Tour, also known as PPT – I have been “wagering” in the play money section at PokerStars.com, the second-largest Internet poker room in the world, alternating between winning and losing thousands of fake dollars.


On some occasions, like Thursday evening into Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang Friday morning, I joined a group of reasonable people trying to hone their skills at a table of $5/$10 Play Money No Limit Texas Hold’em.


I started last week’s session with “$7,567” in my account. After pulling a string of flushes and a couple of full houses, I quit with “$27,486” in play money. I can only dream of pulling those kind of cards when I start playing with real money.


More often, though, playing with fake dough has been less than satisfying.


Time after time, some nutball across the virtual table from me goes “all in,” meaning he bets all of his chips, often before any common cards are turned over. Such behavior might make sense if the raising player has a pair of Aces as hole cards. But usually, whenever those cards are shown, they are mediocre, or worse.


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