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Chicago Area Firm To Tackle Judi Slot Software Market


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Seeking to take advantage of the explosive growth in the online gaming market, the Chicago area firm Net Site Gaming Group, Ltd. specifically announced today what the future has in store for the fast paced software industry who supply online gaming websites with solutions. Since their inception in 1998, Net Site Gaming has provided marketing & design services for a wide array of gaming operations. Today the company revealed their plans to further expand into the actual development of the gaming software used by Internet casinos and thoroughbred horse racing providers. “We’re very excited with our plans to enter this fast-paced environment” exclaimed John German, Net Site Gaming’s President & Chief Operational Officer. The company plans to release a variety of games which worldwide visitors will enjoy with play for fun or real options, and Net Site Gaming has seen the need for the ‘low roller’ online gambler, looking for online entertainment without the risk. “We plan to allow games visitors can play for free, and have the option of real money play in legal jurisdictions, where the judi slot online gambler can play blackjack and other popular games for as little as 5 cents” remarked Mr. German. The company will provide a large number of games including multi-player bingo, lotto, lottery scratch cards, progressive slots, keno, and other highly popular casino table & machine games. The company expects release of its own branded software on July 15, 2003. Established and future gaming operations will be given the opportunity to use Net Site Gaming’s online gaming version software for their own visitors, and Net Site’s President, John German, feels they will greatly benefit from the advantages the company plans to offer, with features over and above their soon to be competition, including companies such as World Gaming, plc (UK) and Innovative Concepts (Korea). Net Site Gaming currently provides tools that enable gaming establishments, regardless of experience or Internet savvy, to create high-end professional marketing campaigns. The company has produces staggering results for their clients and projects only good opportunity in the future, regardless of economic status today. Operations all over the world from Europe to Costa Rica have established their projects with Net Site Gaming, and the word has been spreading fast. Net Site Gaming shares knowledge and experience with clients who are interested in building their brand and participating in high end campaign management.


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